Guarantee Results With Convert Advertising’s Performance Advertising Solutions

With any marketing effort, you want to be sure you’re getting what you pay for. Convert Advertising offers several performance-based advertising solutions to make this a reality. Rather than paying for impressions of your ad,with our solutions you will only pay when a specific, desirable action is taken. For example, you may only pay for an advertisement when a viewer actually calls in.

Performance advertising is the ideal way to ensure that your budget is contributing directly to your business objectives. Whether you are looking to increase interactions with your content, generate more leads, or boost sales, Convert Advertising has a performance advertising solution for you. You can be sure that you’re spending on the areas that really matter to you.

We back our solutions with advanced tracking and optimization tools to help you get the most out of every dollar you spend. Our comprehensive approach to performance advertising allows you to create campaigns that accelerate every stage of your sales funnel.

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Get More Inbound Leads With Convert Advertising’s Pay-Per-Call Advertising

Use Convert Advertising’s pay-per-call advertising to pay only for advertisements that result in calls to you. This is perfect for business-to-business brands or other companies that make significant usage of phone interactions with customers.

Using the above features, you can develop and track campaigns across multiple media, directing your audience to call in. Our suite will help you to identify which brand messages are resulting in the highest volumes of calls. You will also be able to identify which of those calls are converting to sales. Use Convert Advertising’s pay-per-call and call analytic services to power up your business’ growth.

  • Instant, direct connection to new customers
  • Keyword search call services
  • In-depth call tracking and analytics
  • Increase order value substantially

Convert Advertising’s Lead Generation Services Provide Guaranteed Quality

The ultimate defining factor of any lead generation source is the quality of the leads. You want to make sure that your sales team is spending its time on calls that are going to convert, and Convert Advertising is here to help. With our lead generation performance advertising service, we will work with you to create brand messages that will keep a steady stream of high-quality leads flowing into your sales pipeline.
This option is the surest way to ensure that your marketing efforts are resulting in useful leads. You can rest assured because each one that we generate is thoroughly vetted to ensure that they fit the demographic profile that you set at the beginning of a campaign. So start filling your sales pipeline with high-quality, no-risk leads by using Convert Advertising’s lead generation services.

  • Define a lead
  • Map their journey to you
  • Plan an automated strategy with content, social media, SEO, and paid programming
  • Build enduring customer relationships
  • Test, optimize, and track

Keep Your Team on the Most Important Calls With Convert Advertising’s Live Transfers

Outbound marketing done well is a way to ensure a steady stream of new business. However, it is all too easy for your team to spend too much time chasing leads that ultimately won’t convert. Convert Advertising’s live transfers are the perfect solution for this problem. We will call your qualified leads and further vet them before transferring them seamlessly to one of your team’s expert sales people.

This service ensures you’re spending your time speaking with prospects who not only fit your demographic profile but also who have shown interest when speaking to one of our representatives. Get the aggressive growth of outbound marketing without the risk of wasted time when you use Convert Advertising’s live transfers.

  • Be the first to speak to prospects
  • Connect at the most-interested moments
  • Pay only for receiving calls from real prospects
  • You control the schedule
  • Get real-time reports on A/B tests

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